Doggy Daycare

Dog Sitting service in Cheltenham

Our Doggy Daycare service provides care, play and lots of attention for your dog in a fully licenced home environment. Rest assured that whilst you’re out working, your dog will be looked after and having fun at the daycare with our family.

Dogs staying at our Doggy Daycare in Cheltenham will be taken on at least two dog walks a day, and have open access to a medium sized garden and a wood burning fire to dry off by. Our home is fully dog proofed and your pooch will share it with our lovely flat coat retriever, Elsie, who has a kind hearted and submissive nature, making her a great nanny or playmate for dogs of all ages.

Why choose Doggy Daycare?

Our home environment, the warm fire, play with the boys; these comforts are what make Doggy Daycare so special. The welcoming atmosphere in our house means we quickly build personal bonds with even the most anxious dogs, who will come to see our Daycare as a quiet and comfy place they can call home.

Throughout the day, your dog will be looked after and stimulated by myself, Elsie, and my three lovely sons who are brilliant with dogs (when they’re about!). On their walks, they will meet new friends and become a beloved member of the dog walking pack.


How Doggy Daycare works

Doggy Daycare covers normal working hours for one day of care. Your dog is welcome to stay with us from 7.30 in the morning until after you finish work.

For dogs in the Cheltenham area, I can pick your dog up in the morning for Daycare and drop them home in the evening upon arrangement. Dogs in need of Doggy Daycare who live a bit further afield are still welcome to come and stay with us, but drop off and collection will need to be arranged by yourself.

Get in touch!

We would all love for you and your dog to come see our home and meet the family before committing to Doggy Daycare. Contact me via the form below to make an appointment. Alternatively, to contact me directly, call 07766 578515.